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Stephane Panserat

DR 2

Stephane Panserat
Glucose metabolism in fish

Stephane Panserat
Research Director - INRA

After obtaining a PhD in Human Genetics and Metabolism in Paris (University Paris 7 - Jussieu), I integrated the INRA fish nutrition laboratory 20 years ago to study the nutritional regulation of intermediary metabolism in fish. I am currently involved in the understanding of the glucose use in carnivorous rainbow trout (a glucose intolerant fish species) using different approaches (molecular biology, signaling, biochemistry, nutrition).


UMR 1419 NuMeA (Nutrition Metabolism Aquaculture)
INRA – Univ Pau & Pays de l’Adour (UPPA)
64310 St-Pee-sur-Nivelle, France


My Main Research activities:
My researches have the objectives to improve the basic knowledge about intermediary metabolism and nutritional physiology in fish species with a focus on glucose metabolism. The finalized impacts of my researches are for the aquaculture industry by trying to improve dietary carbohydrate use in fish through (i) development of adequate diet formulations based on the nutrient interactions, (ii) existence of fish lines showing different intermediary metabolism and (iii) development of the programming of metabolism after early biotic or abiotic stimuli. My favorite fish for my studies is rainbow trout but I am studying also other fish species such as Nile tilapia, European seabass, Atlantic salmon, gilthead seabream …

Other research activities:
Linked to my expertise in intermediary metabolism, I develop also some researches in collaboration with other colleagues about glucose metabolism and autophagy, glucose metabolism and epigenetics, energy metabolism and fish behavior (reproduction, migration, extreme conditions…), energy metabolism and growth hormone transgenic fish, nutritional programming in shrimps and ducks.

Main Collaborations

  • National collaborations
    • inside my research unit (NuMeA) (Dr Seiliez, Dr L Marandel, Dr S Skiba, Dr G Corraze, Dr F Medale, Dr S Kaushik, Dr C Burel, Dr K Ricaud, Dr M Houssier),
    • with my colleagues (Dr J Labonne, Pr Bolliet, Dr Prevost, Dr Bardonnet) of the ECOBIOP - Behavioral Ecology and Fish Population Biology-  research unit (inside the FR UPPA "Milieux et Ressources Aquatiques" (MIRA))
    • with the fish geneticists of the INRA institute (Dr Dupont-Nivet and Dr Quillet; INRA GABI, Paris).
  • International collaborations involving European colleagues (Pr Viegas, Univ Vigo; Pr Johns and Dr Viegas, Univ Coimbra, Portugal; Pr Tocher, Univ Stirling, UK) and some from other countries:  Pr Devlin, Univ of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada; Dr Mennigen, Univ Ottawa, Canada; Pr Nunes, Univ Fortaleza, Brazil; Pr Boonanuntanasarn, Univ Suranaree, Thailand; Pr Xie; Hydrobiology institute, Wuhan, China; Dr Wang, College of fisheries, Huazhong Agricultural University, Wuhan, China …

 Actual  research projects:

  • European project FP7 ARRAINA: advanced research initiatives for nutrition and aquaculture
  • European project AQUAEXCELL2020: Aquaculture infrastructure for excellence in European fish research towards 2020
  • FCT PEIXEROL: glycerol as alternative ingredient for fish feed – potential for aquaculture.
  • PHC SIAM : metabolic and molecular adaptation of Nile tilapia to dietary carbohydrates
  • Research projects with companies: DSM; DIANA-AQUA; INVIVO

3 PhDs in progress:

L Paulo Araujo (Cifre funding – PhD director); J Liu (chinese funding – PhD director); S Seite (Cifre funding – PhD co-director)

Recent scientific publications:

  • Polakof S, Panserat S, Soengas J, Moon TW (2012) Glucose metabolism in fish : a review. J Comp Physiol B 182:1015–1045.
  • Sam Kamalam BJ, Medale F, Kaushik S, Polakof S, Skiba-Cassy S, Panserat S (2012). Regulation of metabolism by dietary carbohydrates in two lines of rainbow trout divergently selected for muscle fat content. J exp Biol 215, 2567-2578.
  • Geurden I, Mennigen J, Plagnes-Juan E, Veron V, Cerezo T., Mazurais D, Zambonino-Infante J, Gatesoupe J, Skiba-Cassy S, Panserat S (2014) High or low dietary carbohydrate : protein ratios during first-feeding affect glucose metabolism and intestinal microbiota in juvenile rainbow trout. J exp Biol  217 : 3396-3406.
  • Seiliez, I Belghit, Y Gao, S Skiba-Cassy, K Dias, Cluzeaud M, Rémond D, Hafnaoui N, Salin B., Camougrand N, Panserat S (2016) Looking at the metabolic consequences of the colchicine-based in vivo autophagic flux assay. Autophagy 12(2): 343-356.
  • Marandel L, Seiliez I, Veron V, Skiba-Cassy S, Panserat S (2015) New insigths into the nutritional regulation of gluconeogenesis in carnivorous rainbow trout: a gene duplication trail. Phys. Genomics 47: 253–263, 2015.
  • Kamalam BJ, Medale F, Panserat S (2017) Utilisation of dietary carbohydrates in farmed fishes: New insights on influencing factors, biological limitations and future strategies. Aquaculture. 467:3-27.
  • Marandel L, Lepais O, Arbenoits E, Véron V, Dias K, Zion M, Panserat S (2016) Remodelling of the hepatic epigenetic landscape of glucose intolerant rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) by nutritional status and dietary carbohydrates. Sci Rep 6:32187.

Expertise :

  • Member of the « Commission Nationale des Universités: section 68 (biologie des organismes) ». Evaluation of the scientists of the French universities.

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