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UR 1264 - MYCSA : Mycologie et securite des aliments


Mycologie & Sécurité des Aliments
INRA Bordeaux-Aquitaine
BP 81
33883 Villenave d'Ornon Cedex


Three Fusarium species

An open collection of toxinogenic Fusarium spp. from France

Our strains of Fusarium spp. isolated from french cereals are now available for researchers working on these plant pathogens producing mycotoxins.
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The Fusarium Workshop 2016

The Fusarium Workshop 2016, satellite meeting of the 13th European Conference on Fungal Genetics, will be held in Paris on April 3rd 2016.
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January 2015 – A new article published in Current Genetics

The intraspecific variability of mitochondrial genes of Agaricus bisporus reveals an extensive group I Intron mobility combined with low nucleotide...
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A. bisporus var burnettii

A New article published in Fungal Genetics and Biology

Deciphering the ability of Agaricus bisporus var. burnettii to produce mushrooms at high temperature (25°C).
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To cultivate button mushrooms…. even at 25°C ?

The thermo-tolerance of button mushroom is a character which deserves to be selected to support its culture in the hot areas of the world and to...
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