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UR 1264 - MYCSA : Mycologie et securite des aliments


Mycologie & Sécurité des Aliments
INRA Bordeaux-Aquitaine
BP 81
33883 Villenave d'Ornon Cedex

the staff of MycSA

the staff of MycSA
© MycSA
Our research data are produced thanks to work of women and men employed by INRA, but also by University of Bordeaux, or private companies. They contribute to the education of many students during their training periods.
Management :

Director : Jean-Michel SAVOIE, Assistant Director : Florence RICHARD-FORGET

Administrative & Financial Management : Corine GRIMALDI, Marie-France NEVEUX

Communication, documentation : Véronique PRONIER

Administration and documentation aids : Sandrine CAZAUX

IT resources & bio-informatics : Thierry GIBARD


Scientific activities


Gérard BARROSO –  Fungal mitochondries genetics

Pascale DOZOLME  – Molecular Biology , fungal biology (working at  Bordeaux University)

Marie FOULONGNE-ORIOL – quantitative genetics, génomics

Serge MOUKHA – Molecular Biology, fungal biology, toxicology (working at  Bordeaux University)

Nadia PONTS – Génomics, Epigenetics

Florence RICHARD-FORGET –  Biochemistry, metabolomics

Jean-Michel SAVOIE  – Microbiology, Biochemistry



Vessela ATANASOVA-PENICHON –  Biochemistry, metabolomics, mycotoxin analyses

Christophe BILLETTE –Fonctionnal Genomics, fungal biodiversity

Philippe CALLAC  – Mycology, fungal life cycles,  Phylogenetics

Sylvain CHEREAU - Analyses of biomolecules

Laetitia PINSON-GADAIS –  Molecular biology, mycologie, Fusarium collection management.


Lab echnicians

Marie Noëlle BONNIN-VERDAL –  Chemical and biochemical analyses

Christine DUCOS – Molecular biology, Q-PCR

Nathalie FERRER– Microbiology, Biochemistry, Molecular biology

Giselle MARCHEGAY – Mycotoxin analyses , Mycology

Magalie MOINARD – Mycology, Molecular Biology, Fungal genetic ressources

Cathy SPATARO –  Molecular biology, Microbiology

Enric ZEHRAOUI – Molecular biology


PhD students

Zhenhui CHEN - Epigenetic regulations of the production of mycotoxins by Fusarium graminearum.

Charlotte GAUTIER –Deciphering the modulation of the biosynthesis of mycotoxins produced by Fusarium spp. exposed to abiotic stresses

Koffi Marc KOFFI - Contamination of cereal flours sold in markets of Abidjan : fungi mycotoxins mycotoxins.


Valérie NICAISE - Consequences of metabolic damages induced in wheat kernels by Cd exposure on physiology of Fusarium graminearum (growth, DON production and oxidative stress).


Young scientist
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Jean-Michel Savoie

Jean-Michel SAVOIE

Head of the department Mycology and Food Safety. Scientist : ' Biology and Genetics of Fungi ' and 'Microbial Ecology'
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First Class Researcher INRA - PhD Université de Bourgogne.
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Philippe Callac

Philippe CALLAC

Ph.D University Paris-Sud 11 (Orsay) 1988 Associate Editor/Editorial Board: Mycologia (USA), Revista Mexicana de Mycologia (Mexico), Acta Edulis...
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