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UR 1264 - MYCSA : Mycologie et securite des aliments


Mycologie & Sécurité des Aliments
INRA Bordeaux-Aquitaine
BP 81
33883 Villenave d'Ornon Cedex

A culture collection for the preservation of Agaricus genetic resources

The Agaricus culture collection CGAB
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Genetic resources of macroscopic fungi have to be known and preserved because they may contained bioproducts for tomorrow, and they play an important role in soil ecology and ecosystem resilience. Our research group pays attention onto the genus Agaricus and especially the species Agaricus bisporus. Since 30 years, we collect, receive and study numerous isolates of Agaricus from various world areas. They are conserved in a collection named Collection du Germplasm des Agarics de Bordeaux (CGAB). It is a valuable tool for researches.

Presently our resources are limited for preserving on a long time such a resource. The collection is going to be transfered to A Biological Resource Center dedicated to the preservation of filamentous fungi of interest to agro-industries and their utilization: CIRM-Filamentous Fungi / CIRM-CF.