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Global changes are causing significant changes in ecosystems. The Research Unit  "Atmosphere Plant Soil Interactions" (ISPA) is interested in the effects of these changes on agrosystems and forest ecosystems, focusing on the transfer of matter and energy between the soil, atmosphere and vegetation compartments. We are particularly interested in cross-compartmental exchanges for major elements (C, N, P), trace elements (Cd, Cu, Pb, Zn) and molecules (CO2, H2O, O3 and GHG) and wind transfers of biotic and abiotic particles.

Our approach is naturally multidisciplinary and the UMR brings together researchers and teacher-researchers with varied and complementary skills (agronomy, ecology, soil science, physics, chemistry, etc.). Combining observation, experimentation and modelling, our approach integrates different spatial and temporal scales to describe fundamental mechanisms and understand their impact from the local to the global scale, in the short and long term.