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Environmental Mechanics team

The Environmental Mechanics team deals with environmental thematics related to atmospheric flow, soil and plant mechanics, and soil-plant-atmosphere exchanges over a large range of spatial and time scales, in particular the heterogeneous landscape scale (from few meters to few kilometers). These thematics fall within the double context of (i) the climate change and the possible increase of extreme events (in particular windstorm), and (ii) agricultural practices and their agro-environmental consequences (on the dispersal of contaminants and pollutants, for example).

The team : Sylvain Dupont (DR2, Animateur), Yves Brunet (DR1), Barry Gardiner (Senior Scientist), Pauline Défossez (CR1), Eric Lamaud (CR1), Mark Irvine (IR2), Caroline Bidot (IECN),  Jean-Marc Bonnefond (IE2), Didier Garrigou (TR), Françoise Prud'homme (secretariat)

Doctorants : Julien Kammer, Christopher Poette

Keywords : root anchorage, biotic dispersion particles, exchanges soil-plant- atmosphere, wind-plant interaction, fluid mechanics, Large Eddy Simulation, ozone.