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The Research Unit "Atmosphere Plant Soil Interactions" (ISPA) is interested in understanding and modeling of flows and material cycles (C, N, P, K, water, particles, contaminants) and energy in anthropised, agricultural and forest ecosystems. Our work aims to assess the sustainability of agro-ecosystems in a changing climate and anthropogenic stresses in order to ensure a sustainable crop production in quantity and quality, and preserve the environment.

The research is described in three transverse axes:

    1. Optimizing the use of resources for crop production
    2. Material transfers and environmental quality and crop
    3. Impact of environmental constraints on the functioning of ecosystems

These lines of research are developed in five thematic teams:

BIOGET "Biogeochemistry of Trace Elements"

BIONUT "Biogeochemistry of nutrients"

ECOFUN "Water Relations and Ecosystem Functioning"

ME "Environmental Mechanics»

T & S "Remote Sensing and Spatial"