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71 avenue E. Bourlaux
CS 20032 33882 Villenave d'Ornon cedex
05 57 12 25 22




I have graduated from the University of Zagreb with a Magistar Fizike-Geofizike degree specializing in Meteorology in October 2012. Since my graduation I have mostly gravitated towards programming and modelling of various geophysical and biogeochemical processes like: mesoscale meteorology (University of Zagreb, Croatia), the water-energy cycle of lakes(CNRM, Toulouse, France) and the phosphorus cycle in crops (INRA, Bordeaux, France). I have also dabbled in experimental/field work concerning the nitrogen cycle in livestock (ILRI, Nairobi, Kenya)

link to the CV below :

Recherches et compétences

- Plant-nutrient models (DGVM)
- Deterministic modelling, optimization and programming


Projets en cours 

My current work focuses on the inclusion of the phosphorus (P) cycle in agro-ecosystem models, with the goal of understanding our current global practices and suggesting pathways for future sustainable use. To investigate this issue, I utilize and develop so called ‘process’ models which describe the basic mechanisms of crop P cycling (soil sorption, root diffusion, plant nutrient allocation, etc.) in the plant-soil continuum.


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