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Unité Mixte de Recherche Inra-Univ. Bordeaux 1 "Biodiversité Gènes et Communautés" - Biogeco

Unité mixte de recherche (Inra, Univ. Bordeaux 1)Biodiversité, gènes et communautés (Biogeco) INRA_rvb150Bordeaux1

INRA Bordeaux-Aquitaine

Site de Recherches Forêt-Bois

69 route d'Arcachon

33612 CESTAS Cedex - FRANCE

Technical facilities

Our sequencing facility (Plateforme Génome-Transcriptome of Bordeaux) provides access to current nextgen DNA sequencing equipment, genotyping and gene expression. It is versatile and responds to both requests from the field of agronomy and human health. The facility is used by INRA laboratories and university laboratories for work focusing on human and plant genetics. The facility was created in 2009 through the mergering of two facilities in the Functional Genomics Center of Bordeaux (genotyping, sequencing and transcriptomics), has been labeled since 2009 by the GIS-IBiSA (Infrastructure in human health, biology and agronomy). It is distributed in three sites, the Pierroton site being part of BIOGECO research unit, and provides access to our staff to major sequencing (such as Life Technologies' PROTON) and genotyping equipment (such as Sequenom's Massarray). There is a possibility for free access by applying to a program of the EU project Trees4Future, see explanations here.

INRA, Florence Carreras

The technical facility GénoBois includes a set of equipment for studying the physico-chemical properties and physiological functioning of wood. It meets the needs created by our research in quantitative genetics, ecophysiology, genomics, molecular biology, anatomy, biochemistry and dendrochronology. A building housing the specific set of instruments was constructed in Pierroton, while the equipment used for cavitation research is located in Talence. The plateau is used by researchers of the Unit, other units of the Bordeaux center and other institutes across the world.