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Unité Mixte de Recherche Inra-Univ. Bordeaux "Biodiversité Gènes et Communautés" - Biogeco

Unité mixte de recherche (Inra, Univ. Bordeaux 1) Biodiversité, gènes et communautés (Biogeco)


INRA Bordeaux-Aquitaine
Site de Recherches Forêt-Bois
69 route d'Arcachon
33612 CESTAS Cedex - FRANCE


Projet FORADAPT du métaprogramme de l'INRA ACCAF

Le nouveau projet du métaprogramme ACCAF (INRA) "Assessing potentials of forest adaptation to climate change (FORADAPT)" - IP : Hendrik Davi (INRA Avignon) - Durée : 2013-2017 - Responsable : Arndt Hampe.

Abstract : "FORADAPT aims at evaluating forest adaptation strategies to cope with climate change. The first objective is to deepen and assemble our knowledge concerning adaptation of forest ecosystems, and in particular how given functional traits react and acclimate to increasing air temperatures and changes in precipitation. We aim at bridging the knowledge gap between phenotypic plasticity, genetic adaptation, the potentials of trees migration and the structure of forest community, factors that are usually independently studied. The second objective is to extend currently existing ecological databases by including the intra-specific variability of traits that determine a plant’s acclimative or adaptive capacities to climate change, and their relationship to parameters used in biophysical models. The third objective is to develop and use niche and PDG (Physio-Demo-Genetic) models that couple processes involved in plasticity, dynamics and genetics in order to assess the adaptation potential of several species. The final objective is to collate data obtained in FORADAPT and incorporate them into simulations that aim to determine management strategies for preserving high-priority ecosystem services in several types of French forest systems."