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UMR 1332 Biologie du Fruit et Pathologie

Annick Moing (Dr)

Senior Scientist in the Metabolism Team of UMR1332 BFP

Scientific Leader of the Metabolome Facility of Bordeaux Functional Genomics Center


Tél. +33 5 57 12 25 28  Email :


Engineer Diploma in Agronomy (ENSA Montpellier, France) and PhD in Plant Science (University of Bordeaux, France), followed by 25-years research experience.


Fruit metabolism and metabolomics

Combination of metabolomic data with other types of data

Search for metabolite markers of plant or crop performance

For more information please visit our Metabolism Team Homepage or our Metabolome Facility Homepage


Publications 2017

 Colombié S, Beauvoit B, Nazaret C, Bénard C, Vercambre G, Le Gall S, Biais B, Cabasson C, Maucourt M, Bernillon S, Moing A, Dieuaide-Noubhani M, Mazat J-P, Gibon Y (2017) Respiration climacteric in tomato fruits elucidated by constraint-based modelling. New Phytologist 213:1726-1739

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Publications 2016

Bornet A, Maucourt M, Deborde C, Jacob D, Milani J, Vuichoud B, Ji X, Dumez J-N, Moing A, Bodenhausen G, Jannin S, Giraudeau P (2016) Highly repeatable dissolution dynamic nuclear polarization for heteronuclear NMR metabolomics. Analytical Chemistry 88: 6179–6183

Botton A, Rasori A, Ziliotto F, Moing A, Maucourt  M, Bernillon S, Deborde C, Petterle A, Varotto S, Bonghi C (2016) The peach HECATE3-like gene FLESHY plays a double role during fruit development. Plant Molecular Biology 91: 97-114

Fernandez O, Urrutia M, Bernillon S, Giauffret C, Tardieu F, Le Gouis J, Langlade N, Charcosset A, Moing A, Yves Gibon (2016) Fortune telling: metabolic markers of plant performance. Metabolomics 12: 158

Publications 2011-2015

Allen E, Moing A, Wattis J, Larson T, Maucourt M, Graham IA, Rolin D, Hooks MA (2011) Evidence that ACN1 (acetate non-utilizing 1) prevents carbon leakage from peroxisomes during lipid mobilization in Arabidopsis seedlings. Biochemical Journal 437: 505-513

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Baldacci-Cresp F, Maucourt  M, Deborde C, Pierre O, Moing A, Brouquisse R, Favery B, Frendo P (2015) Maturation of nematode-induced galls in Medicago truncatula is related to water status and primary metabolism modifications. Plant Science 232: 77-85

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