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UMR 1332 Biologie du Fruit et Pathologie


Nathalie Gonzalez
Research scientist

CV :

  • Diplomas :
    2015: HDR (accreditation to direct research).
    2005: PhD from Bordeaux University.
  • Carreer path :
    On the first of September 2016, I joined the OrFE team as an “INRA- CR1 Blanc”. During the past 10 years, I worked as a post-doctoral fellow, then as a project leader in the team “System biology of Yield” headed by Prof. Dirk Inzé in the “Plant system Biology” in Ghent, Belgium. During this period, I was involved in several projects aiming at understanding the molecular networks regulating leaf growth in the model plant Arabidopsis.
    I now want to transfer the gained expertise to the Tomato fruit model that I already studied during my PhD in the UMR1332 Biology of fruit and pathology.


Tel : (33) 5 57 12 25 26

Email :


The main objective of my research consists in increasing our understanding of the molecular regulation of fruit growth and especially of the role of endoreduplication in cell size control by combining multidisciplinary approaches including transcriptomics, chromatin organization cytology, and forward and reverse genetics.


PUBLICATIONS (Last four years):

For the complete list of publications, follow this link:

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Twitter : @nathy_go_7

Research ID : S-8658-2016