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UMR 1332 Biologie du Fruit et Pathologie


Research conducted within the UMR 1332 BFP fits within the wider field of Plant Sciences and concerns, specifically, the study of early fruit development and the elaboration of fleshy fruits quality, the study the adaptation of fruit trees (cherry) to climate change as well as the study of non-culturable plant pathogens and of their interactions with their host plants or their insect vectors.

This research is focused on biological objects of major economic importance (fruits: tomato, strawberry, cherry; plant pathogens: viruses and phytoplasmas; pathogens of ruminants: mycoplasmas). We are involved in a wide range of approaches, including developmental biology, plant physiology, plant pathology, genetics, genomics and metabolomics, with the objective to integrate these various aspects in a systems biology approach for the network analysis of complex biological interactions.

The six teams of UMR 1332 BFP develop a continuum of topics, ranging from understanding the mechanisms underlying the development of plants or their interaction with pathogens or with the environment to the application of this knowledge in a translational research dynamic. This research is developed through an extensive network of national and international collaboration, including private partners, public sector laboratories and stakeholders involved in extension or regulatory aspects.

Through its contribution in terms of research or teaching in the field of Plant Sciences, UMR 1332 "Biologie du Fruit et Pathologie" is a major contributor to the visibility of the Bordeaux "Green Campus" at the national and international level.