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The research of our unit aims to understand and regulate the impact of climate change on the biological processes and physiological function of grapevine, which determines berry quality build-up in a fluctuation environment.

All research activities are organized in relation to a joint modeling project, which covers the aspects of plant, organ and cell metabolism. In this way, all expertise (viticulture, bioclimatology, ecophysiology, biochemistry, molecular biology and genetics) is distributed into two research thematic axes :

Grafted Plant : Analyze and model the interaction between scion and rootstock. Study effects of rootstock on grapevine adaptation to water stress.

Quality of the Berry : Study and model grape berry quality with emphasis on secondary metabolism in relation to climate change.

Our research activities meet the major thematic2 ‘Modeling plant and the interaction between genotype and environment’ of department EA INRA and the thematic2 ‘Explore plant genome and their function’ of department GAP INRA.

In the aspects of application, our research could provide theory support and useful tools for crop production industry, especially viticulture.

Writing: Agnès Destrac Irvine
Creation date: 22 August 2008
Update: 28 October 2014